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This privacy policy applies to the Structural Asset Consulting Engineers LIMITED Company website.

The Company is also abbreviated and referred to as ‘SACE’ in this page. The website is accessible at the URL

This privacy policy may change from time to time in response to new laws, to changes made to the web site, or otherwise.

SACE reserves the right to make changes to the policy, but does not anticipate making major adjustments to the approach outlined here.

Privacy Framework

We follow the principles set out in the UKOECD Fair Information Practices. These practices represent international consensus on guidance concerning the collection and management of personal information. UKOECD Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data. Changes made to this policy will be posted here. The UKOECD is affiliated to the Internationally accepted OECD.

Collection Limitation

SACE does not use cookies, “web bugs” or banner advertisements of any kind. Because we do not use these technologies, we are unable to track how visitors move within this site.

Visitors may use the SACE website without disclosing personal information about themselves if they so choose. The servers that host the included Web site include server logs that tell us what parts of the site are visited. The server logs include by default the IP addresses of those who have visited the site. We do not review IP addresses.

Purpose Specification

SACE makes a good faith effort to use information given to us only for the original purposes for which it was provided. We do not sell or share information for marketing purposes. When any individual provides us with personal information in connection with our business activities, that information may be used or disclosed for reasonable business purposes.

However, personal information provided by consumers who call for help or for information will ordinarily not be disclosed in identifiable form without the consent or knowledge of the individual. We may disclose information you have given us when required by law, in response to a court order, or if served with a search warrant. If appropriate, feasible, and lawful we will make reasonable attempts (via telephone or email) tell the data provider and/or data subject about any of these disclosures, either before or after they occur.

Data Quality

Any individual who provides SACE with personal data may ask us to correct, update, or delete the information. If the request is reasonable, we will comply with the request. We may retain any data as originally provided if we conclude that the organisation needs the data for legal or tax purposes.

Although we moderate entries to our Product Reviews and Post Comments; we are not liable for information supplied by our members and supporters.

Translations supplied for the content on this site are performed by and are therefore not guaranteed for accuracy.

Individual Participation

Any individual who is the subject of personal information that SACE maintains may ask: 1) if we maintain any information about him or her; 2) to see the information that we maintain; 3) to correct, update, or delete the information.

We will consider and grant reasonable requests without charge. If we deny a request, we will state a reason. If we refuse to correct, update, or delete information, the data subject may submit a concise statement of disagreement that we will retain and disseminate to others in the event that we share the disputed information.

Links to Other Sites

This site contains links to external sites and organisations. By linking to these sites, SACE does not endorse the sites or the sites’ content. SACE does not have control over the external sites’ privacy practices. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of all web sites you visit.

Secure SSL Data Transmission

All pages requiring the transmission of personal data from your machine to our servers are protected by SSL encryption. Our certificates are issued by Let’s Encrypt SSL Authentication Body. Please check that the page you are using to enter personal data or order information is displaying the https: prefix to the url and a padlock symbol in your browser.

Questions, Contact Information

If you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at: or by using this quick message box to the right.

Structural Asset Consulting Engineers LIMITED is the data controller for this site.
Changes to this policy will be made here.

This policy was last updated 19 November 2021. © Structural Asset Consulting Engineers LIMITED

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