As a family owned Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy we are able to offer all aspects of planning, feasibility, design and supervision providing a holistic asset management service.


SACE examination teams provide accurate inspections and produce clear inspection reports tailored to our client’s specification with Engineers recommendations for whole life asset management.


We undertake investigation studies, specific defect monitoring, loading calculations, Finite element analysis and whole structure reporting including listed buildings and conservation projects.


Using our vast experience of asset management, we can produce new structure or strengthening designs tailored to client requirements providing cost effective, efficient and buildable solutions.


Structures are a critical point in any transit system demanding special care when it comes to safety and integrity. Here at SACE, we take safety seriously. If a structure isn’t safe, then our work isn’t done.


We understand the critical role structures play in our infrastructure and the pressing need to have them up and functional as quickly as possible. Our teams strike a balance between quality work and quick turnover, ensuring projects get completed on time, every time.


Our team has over 20 years of varied experience in the industry assessing and examining assets and infrastructure. When clients partner with us, they can be confident that the results they are getting are time-tested and backed by experience and a history of success.


Professional and Efficient

We pride ourselves with the highest level of service. However complex the project; we deliver a professional engineering service quickly and efficiently.

Safety Orientated

We are unrelenting in assuring safety for our personnel and the general public by providing a safe and healthy working environment with audit reporting.

Core Integrity

We are inflexible on our integrity, honesty and fairness in all our activities by committing to systems and methods which are secure, reliable and accurate.

High Quality

We are passionate about excellence and doing the job right first time to produce a high quality result that exceeds the Client’s expectations.


We embrace and apply the latest technology through listening, learning and seeking out new approaches and fresh ideas.


Your experience with us will be hassle free with complete transparency in the services we offer at every stage of the process from inception to delivery.

Corporate Relationships

We strive to build positive, lasting relationships based on trust, respect and collaboration with our Clients, Partners, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Staff.


We endeavour to talk to you at a level you can understand. We won’t bombard you with technical jargon, but instead work closely with you to ensure total confidence and satisfaction

Excellent Friendly Service

Approachability: A key SACE objective, by putting Customers first. To this end; ensuring an excellent friendly service is a core principle instilled in our entire team.


Clients assisted
Positive feedback
Projects completed
Examinations delivered

Could you work in this challenging industry?

The people who have trusted us so far

SACE have undertaken inspections, assessment and other analysis (including complex finite element analysis) on our behalf and have also acted as Category 3 (independent) checkers on our work.

We have found their staff to be extremely knowledgeable & competent and the work undertaken has been thorough, comprehensive and well presented. Their approach is always professional and work is delivered in a timely manner to the budgets agreed.

We would wholeheartedly recommend the use of their services in the future.

Jon Livesey
HBPW Consulting


Structural Asset Consulting Engineers Ltd.
A Company Limited by Guarantee and Registered in England No: 08519734.
The company is regulated by the Companies Act 2006.

31 Weetworth Park, Castleford,
West Yorkshire, WF10 4DP

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